Cultivating a people-centric approach to workplace technology.

Your employees have already begun the journey towards a more connected workplace. Employees are connecting with each other from different places, often working from multiple devices. Connecting people together is the catalyst for change in organizations. It enables teams to make decisions fast, to build consensus quickly, to align on a common set of goals, and ultimately to achieve better & faster results across the business. People that are coming into the workplace today are seeking to create, think, and reason together through a connected experience.

At HiView, we help IT Teams usher in the next generation of workplace productivity tools, delivering a more connected experience for your people. We accomplish through our partnership with Google, helping companies implement Google's G Suite. Over time, we’ve written the playbook for implementing G Suite effectively, assisting companies with: Planning, Change Management, Technical Deployment, and Business Transformation Initiatives. Organizations like Netflix & Glassdoor have chosen to work with us to realize the full benefits of their G Suite investment and take a step further to create a truly connected workplace. If workplace connectivity & collaboration are key objectives for your IT roadmap in the coming months, please reach out to find time with one of our consultants to discuss if G Suite is right for your organization.

To a connected workplace,

Miles Hischier

Founder, HiView Solutions