We focus on your people, first and foremost


          G Suite is a tool, and helping a company use it is about far more than demonstrating how to answer email. Deploying G Suite will not solve your organization’s challenges with collaboration, culture, or community. The opportunity for continued self-learning, real collaboration in the workplace, and a general flattening of an organization ultimately comes from the people within.


          At HiView Solutions, our mission is to educate your employees about G Suite, giving them the right knowledge to work efficiently. We are professional trainers, teachers, tutors, and consultants.  We visit your office, conduct virtual webinars, and deploy self-paced training tools. We partner with IT teams during deployments and stay with your employees over time, delivering new knowledge as G Suite evolves.


          In short, we focus on your people. we believe our people-centric approach to technology ultimately empowers employees to become agents of change, pushing your business into the future.


Miles Hischier

Founder, HiView Solutions