Our Mission:

Helping you cultivate a people-centric approach to workplace change

At HiView, our consulting team specializes in “Organizational Change Management,” meaning a structured approach to managing the people-side of change within a organization. Companies hire us to implement new workplace technologies, make organizational changes, or help realize company goals that they are finding challenging to achieve. Our mission for every consulting engagement: Help your organization cultivate a people-centric approach to workplace change.

We understand the challenges of implementing change at organizations of any size — You have an established culture, people, and pressures. You have a massive change initiative in-hand, but need some help with the implementation. This is where our consultants come in. Our Change Management Expertise can help you:

  • Prepare leaders for change and engage them for top-down support

  • Get your organization geared up and ready for a change, recognizing the need from the bottom up

  • Implement the change successfully

What differentiates us is that we know what it takes to make change stick. Our delivery method will vary with each customer and project we deliver. We will build & execute a Change Management Plan for you, taking into account your people, values, and cultures.

What makes us leaders at what we do is our people — experienced, strong management consultants who have the the ability to tailor what and how they deliver. Our mission is to be your consulting partner of choice for your transformation, from design through implementation.

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Looking for a Google Partner? 

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Considering a switch to G Suite, while exciting, can be daunting for businesses. With so many partner options and multiple editions to choose from, there is a lot that goes into a migration to G Suite even before the decision has been made. Once you choose to make the switch, you are faced with the real and often-neglected hurdle of tending to the people-side of this major change. Our advice? Leave your transition to the experts.

Work with HiView and you will enjoy premium support and ongoing change and adoption services from our Change Management experts. As a trusted source for G Suite expertise, HiView will help your business (and people) thrive. As a bonus, work with HiView and enjoy special pricing on G Suite licenses with a steep discounts compared to directly purchasing from Google. Get in touch with us to learn more about HiView can prepare, implement, and maintain your business’s successful transition to G Suite.

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