Google Drive/Docs for a Microsoft Enterprise

We recently conducted a webinar titled "Improving Workplace Collaboration: Drive/Docs for a Microsoft Enterprise." See below for an overview of content & link to the recording. 

The HiView G Suite Team.

Learn how to improve workplace collaboration with Google Drive/Docs at your Microsoft Enterprise. Intended for O365/Exchange customers, this webinar outlines a playbook for launching Google Drive/Docs in your organization. Webinar content:

  • Section 1 -- Learn the key benefits of Drive/Docs, as told by Google Enterprise Sales

  • Section 2-- Learn how to find existing usage (shadow IT), identify advocates, and secure an executive sponsor with a compelling business case.

  • Section 3 -- A “day-in-the-life” of your employee working in Outlook, MS Office, and Google Docs.

  • Section 4 -- Two playbooks for a successful deployment.