AODOCS - Enterprise Document Management for Google Drive

AO DOCS for Google Drive

         When employees leave a company, it’s commonplace for them to take crucial company information. For Google Apps customers, administrators can transfer ownership of documents to another team member, but this just moves one dependency to another. What happens when that next person leaves? You essentially are transferring an ever-increasing number of files, forwarding countless google docs & sheets onward to the next manager. The team at AO Docs recognized the business problem of employee-based document ownership in Google Drive and offer a compelling value proposition: With AO Docs, you can assign a corporate Google Drive account, secure & monitoring file sharing, and create a document library for your business.


Overview of Team Folders

Team Folders are similar to your traditional Google Drive folders, but files are actually owned by a corporate account instead of individual users. As employees leave the company, their documents remain for others to continue working in. Team folders also prevent anyone from removing specific files, ensuring important documents aren’t accidentally deleted. Team folders are easy to share and automatically push to each member’s My Drive account.


Overview of AO Docs File Server

Admins can prevent people from sharing documents at the folder & file level. Admins can also lock the folder structure, preventing users from making confusing modifications. In an AO DOcs secured folder, admins can also prevent sharing with external parties unless a super administrator whitelists a domain.


Getting started with AO DOCS document library

    You can create libraries for specific workflows, such as managing supply-chain suppliers. The library has custom permission settings, with Admin, Contributor, and Reader access levels. Contributors can add files to a document library, but don’t have editing access for individual documents. Editing rights must be granted at the individual file level.