Manage your omni-channel retail strategy with Google Apps for Work

Improve communication between stores & HQ.

With Google Hangouts, HQ executives can share news & speak with store-levels managers anytime, face-to-face. Stay in touch with what’s happening in your stores, without needing to visit in person. Do you have a large franchise division? Host a routine group Google Hangout with key regional managers to ensure your everyone understands the company strategy. With an integrated suite of tools, your entire organization can communicate openly and start moving more quickly.


Now that’s effective product training.

Distribute training plans through Google Drive & host interactive training sessions in Google Hangouts. Get the most out of our scheduled training time with staff, and ensure they have the knowledge to sell products that matter. Leverage Google Groups, Sites, and Google+ to foster discussion amongst employees. Empower employees to share their most effective tactics and sell more inventory.


Create & launch internal websites for your organization.

Everyone misses notes sent via email. Ensure your employees get the information most important with internal company websites (often called intranets). With Google Sites, anyone can create a websites for their organization, guaranteeing that critical announcements (like from the IT team) aren’t missed or ignored. Incorporate edit permissions to allow others to create 'file cabinets'. HR can share the information employees need, and marketing can share logos, promotions, and other updates. As part of our Admin Support offering, HiView Solutions can build your Google Site complete with brand, colors, and other specific information

Sync & Share digital brand & production assets (Drive)


10 ways leading companies in Retail use Google Apps for Work: 

  • Train your store employees anytime, anywhere, from any device (Drive, Sites, Hangouts)
  • Improve information sharing between corporate and store employees with social networks (Google+)
  • Empower store associates for better customer service (Drive, Google+)
  • Manage store operation processes online, from any device (Forms)
  • Manage tasks and schedules for all stores and employees online (Calendar, Sheets)
  • Centralize key assets so employees can find all important updates and documents in one place (Sites)
  • Quickly recruit, interview, and onboard store employees (Forms, Hangouts, Sites)
  • Bring products to market faster with increased collaboration and task management (Calendar, Drive, Google+, Hangouts, Sheets)
  • Manage and track store construction projects (Calendar, Hangouts, Sheets)