G Suite Security Workshop

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Hello G Suite Customers! For a limited time, our consulting team is conducting free Security Workshops for existing G Suite customers. If you’re an IT Administrator and concerned about Security, contact us to schedule your free workshop today. Here’s the essential details you need to know:

Workshop Summary:

Led by a HiView G Suite Security Expert, this workshop is a complete review of your G Suite Security Controls. The goal is to strengthen your current G Suite configuration and educate your team about product features relevant to maintaining a secure G Suite Environment.

Recommended Attendees:

  • G Suite Administrators

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) • Incident response representatives

Time Commitment:

  • 30-minute Workshop Prep Call

  • 90- minute Security Workshop


  • Immediate, actionable security changes to make

  • Longer-term, strategic decisions to make

  • Full knowledge of G Suite product updates and security features

Interested? Contact Tracey Kaplan, G Suite Consultant at HiView: tracey@hiviewsolutions.com