OffShore Group Runs on G Suite

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With 300+ employees in Tuscon, AZ, and manufacturing sites in Sonora & Tijuana, the OffShore Group helps manufacturing companies of any size achieve the benefits of operating in Mexico without the burdens and risk. With over 30 years in business, the OffShore Group provides their customers with world-class advice, reliable infrastructure, and all the necessary resources to expand and operate manufacturing facilities in Mexico.


With teams spread across offices & countries, powerful collaboration tools are essential for getting work done. A few years ago, a few employees began creating & sharing information with the free version of Google Docs. When the Offshore Group’s legacy hosted-exchange solution start causing delays in the sending/receiving of emails, adoption of Google Docs accelerated as more & more employees sought a reliable & efficient way to share information.


With mounting issues with the company’s email system & more employees using Google Docs the OffShore Group contacted Google to conduct a thorough evaluation of G Suite. Their primary objectives: 1) Implement a reliable email system, and 2) Bring the work done in Google Docs under the purview of OffShore Group’s IT Department.


In order to ensure a successful rollout of G Suite, Google introduced OffShore Group IT to HiView Solutions to build & execute a deployment plan, including Technical Services (data migration, account configuration, etc) and Change Management Services (impact assessment, communication, and training).


OffShore Group’s G Suite Deployment spanned a 5-week period, beginning with a thorough impact assessment & ending with end-user training. Working with HiView as a deployment partner, OffShore Group transitioned 300+ employees from Outlook to Gmail, from sharing attachments over email to working in Google Docs, and from locally run software to a true 100% cloud-based office productivity solution.


OffShore Group purchased ongoing account management services from HiView to ensure they are getting the most of their G Suite investment, and driving continuous adoption of new products & services. Offshore Group can now focus on their customers, knowing they have a reliable office productivity platform in place that empowers their employees to do great work & continue growing the business.




With 5,000 employees & offices spread across the United States, implementing change of any kind for Cytec Industries is no easy task. Through an acquisition by the Solvay Group in late 2016, Cytec faced the challenge of implementing G Suite in order to standardize with other arms of the Solvay Corporation. A fantastic Google Premier Partner in Europe outlined a deployment & change management plan for Cytec to move to G Suite in 2016. The European Partner contracted HiView Solutions to supply certified trainers for California, South Carolina, and Arizona. Over the course of several months, HiView Trainers helps thousands of employees switch to G Suite.

Training engagements of this size require meticulous planning and execution. Along with Cytec IT staff, HiView Trainers delivered a series of onsite training programs, starting with content from our Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts course. The mandatory hands-on learning sessions were organized into 3-hour and 1-hour blocks, and included demo accounts & sample laptops, enabling attendees to follow along. Many employees brought their own devices as well.

Working with Microsoft Outlook for over 20+ years, making the switch to Gmail amounted to a trauma for many people.  With detailed knowledge of the pain-points of switching from Outlook to Gmail, HiView trainers were able to address most questions on the spot, and get employees started on the right path with G Suite.  

Post training assessments revealed high marks for course content, trainer’s presentation, and overall experience. Following the onsite sessions, HiView Trainers also delivered some more advanced content via webinar to power-users. These sessions are fast paced and designed to teach advanced functions & capabilities.

As experts in Change Management & Training, we often partner up with other Google Partners & IT service providers on large deployments, such as with the rollout of G Suite at Cytec. Further, we always take time to understand our client’s IT environment to tailor our training programs and are comfortable navigating the complexity of a large-scale enterprise deployment of G Suite.



Located in Alameda, California, AllCells provides scientists with human & animal molecular cells for research applications. Over the course of 18 years, All Cells grew from a single owner/founder into a multi-national company with 70+ employees. With a large remote team, All Cells implemented G Suite to give employees best-in-class tools for collaborating both in and outside the office. A sophisticated IT team faced little challenge in managing the technical deployment. The people side of change is another story -- with many users spending 10+ years in Outlook, switching over to G Suite presented a large challenge.


All Cells IT Managers contacted HiView Solutions to help with the people-side of change, helping users get more comfortable with G Suite. In our initial discovery call, All Cells mentioned, “we need experts in explaining G Suite.” Having trained thousands of users across the United States, HiView trainers quickly developed a plan for helping AllCells issues with G Suite adoption.


With the remote team in-town for the annual company summit, HiView Solutions hosted a day of onsite G Suite Training. The morning consisted of classroom-style instruction, covering our G Suite fundamentals course, and G Suite Advanced Course. Afternoon sessions focused on small-group consulting -- diving deep into specific challenges & improving workflows.


Positive reception across the company leads to addition work, including additional onsite engagements, launching an internal Google Resource site, and webinar trainings for more advanced users. Over time, HiView will deliver refresher courses to help All Cells keep up with the rapid release schedule of G Suite.



Are you a scientific researcher in need of sample prep & micro-arrays? Go no further than NuGEN, a bio-tech firm based in San Jose, California. As a bio-tech firm with less than 100 employees in the USA & Europe, NuGEN turns to cloud technologies to keep everyone connected. In late 2016, NuGEN began their push towards the cloud with implementing G Suite.

Working with their local IT solutions provider for the technical deployment, NuGEN contacted HiView Solutions for training. To develop a proper training program, a pre-training assessment was conducted via Google Forms, establishing employee knowledge levels & current pain points. Initial results revealed many employees wanting coaching in Gmail. The survey also revealed questions around utilizing Google Calendar, and confusion on how to work in Google Drive (eg: Is a file in “My Drive” or “Shared with me?”)

From here, HiView Solutions arranged a series of classroom-style lessons, incorporating elements from our Basic Drive Course (hyperlink) and G Suite Fundamental Course (hyperlink). After a full day of onsite training with a HiView Trainer, people started to feel more comfortable working in G Suite. In the afternoon hours, the HiView Trainer walked around the office in order to address specific questions. Often times, people think of a question the moment they return to their desk and start working, so after-class walkarounds generally prove helpful. Following the onsite engagement, HiView hosted a webinar series for remote employees in Europe. These sessions proved useful for the Europeans, many of which spent several years in the Microsoft/Outlook world.

Once the training engagement was complete, a post-assessment survey revealed nearly all employees felt more confident working in G Suite, compared to the pre-training survey. With G Suite, NuGEN has reliable cloud-based productivity suite which serves as a foundation for implementing other cloud based services. With a robust collection of APIs, NuGEN will be able to easily connect G Suite to other cloud services, either through pre-built connectors or custom development. Overtime, as G Suite rolls out new features, HiView Trainers will be available to ensure employees have the right knowledge to be effective at work.

Bowles Farming Co

Bowles Farming Co


With high-powered drones, cloud-based software like G Suite, and a range of agricultural technologies, Bowles Farming Company sets a high standard for technology in farming operations. President Cannon Michael elected to make technology a core focus of the organization as took the helm back in 2014, managing the 11,000 acre farm in Los Banos, California.


While employees already knew all the basic features of G Suite, Cannon contacted HiView Solutions looking for more advanced training.  An initial survey of employees showed solid understanding of G Suite fundamentals and interest in learning more. Our trainers love these types of engagements -- an opportunity to dive into many of the lessor known, but extremely powerful features of G Suite that lay just beneath the surface. The primary goal for this engagement centered on demonstrating what’s possible within G Suite.


HiView President, Miles Hischier, visited Bowels Farming Co to deliver a classroom-style training session, covering the DRIVE ADVANCED COURSE. Allocating a large amount of time for Q&A, and afternoon walkarounds. Miles also presented a series of use-cases for how to utilize G Suite in creative ways, such as building an internal time-off request form using the Google Forms app. These use-cases often help to stir creative thinking on how Bowles Farming Co might want to use these products. As G Suite evolves, Bowles Farming Co will continuing relying on HiView Solutions to keep them abreast of new features that can implemented in the business.

Aventa Senior Care


Days are always busy for the staff at Aventa Senior Care. Providing top quality home care for senior citizens, Aventa Senior Care operates in Scottsdale, Arizona, helping hundreds of senior citizens daily. Family members know their elderly loved ones are in good hands with Aventa Senior Care. 


With business growing, Aventa executives look for new technology to help maintain top quality support for clients & keep family members in the loop. When it was time to ditch their legacy email system, Aventa Directors selected G Suite. With a robust tool set including Gmail, Docs & Sheets, and Google Drive, Aventa sees G Suite becoming a core part of their business very quickly. 

To get the most out of their G Suite subscription, Aventa sought out HiView Solutions to help with change management & product training. Email is a mission-critical tool for all Aventa employees, so extra care must be taken when migrating this service. With input from Aventa Staff, HiView Consultants outlined a migration plan that allowed for a seamless migration to G Suite. Employees had lots of questions about G Suite, so HiView Consultants hosted a series of product training sessions. HiView training always provides an overview of the Apps product suite, real-life examples of working in docs & sheets, and configuring mobile devices.


Now part of HiView’s Account Management Program, Anyone at Aventa can call HiView Support and reach a certified Google Apps Administrator, who can jump in at a moments notice or provide guidance on how to use Google Apps alongside other products. 

Over time, Aventa will continue rolling out new technology. With Google Apps, they have a solid foundation upon which to connect other services and to ensure their customers are cared for in the best way possible.