Aventa Senior Care


Days are always busy for the staff at Aventa Senior Care. Providing top quality home care for senior citizens, Aventa Senior Care operates in Scottsdale, Arizona, helping hundreds of senior citizens daily. Family members know their elderly loved ones are in good hands with Aventa Senior Care. 


With business growing, Aventa executives look for new technology to help maintain top quality support for clients & keep family members in the loop. When it was time to ditch their legacy email system, Aventa Directors selected G Suite. With a robust tool set including Gmail, Docs & Sheets, and Google Drive, Aventa sees G Suite becoming a core part of their business very quickly. 

To get the most out of their G Suite subscription, Aventa sought out HiView Solutions to help with change management & product training. Email is a mission-critical tool for all Aventa employees, so extra care must be taken when migrating this service. With input from Aventa Staff, HiView Consultants outlined a migration plan that allowed for a seamless migration to G Suite. Employees had lots of questions about G Suite, so HiView Consultants hosted a series of product training sessions. HiView training always provides an overview of the Apps product suite, real-life examples of working in docs & sheets, and configuring mobile devices.


Now part of HiView’s Account Management Program, Anyone at Aventa can call HiView Support and reach a certified Google Apps Administrator, who can jump in at a moments notice or provide guidance on how to use Google Apps alongside other products. 

Over time, Aventa will continue rolling out new technology. With Google Apps, they have a solid foundation upon which to connect other services and to ensure their customers are cared for in the best way possible.