Are you a scientific researcher in need of sample prep & micro-arrays? Go no further than NuGEN, a bio-tech firm based in San Jose, California. As a bio-tech firm with less than 100 employees in the USA & Europe, NuGEN turns to cloud technologies to keep everyone connected. In late 2016, NuGEN began their push towards the cloud with implementing G Suite.

Working with their local IT solutions provider for the technical deployment, NuGEN contacted HiView Solutions for training. To develop a proper training program, a pre-training assessment was conducted via Google Forms, establishing employee knowledge levels & current pain points. Initial results revealed many employees wanting coaching in Gmail. The survey also revealed questions around utilizing Google Calendar, and confusion on how to work in Google Drive (eg: Is a file in “My Drive” or “Shared with me?”)

From here, HiView Solutions arranged a series of classroom-style lessons, incorporating elements from our Basic Drive Course (hyperlink) and G Suite Fundamental Course (hyperlink). After a full day of onsite training with a HiView Trainer, people started to feel more comfortable working in G Suite. In the afternoon hours, the HiView Trainer walked around the office in order to address specific questions. Often times, people think of a question the moment they return to their desk and start working, so after-class walkarounds generally prove helpful. Following the onsite engagement, HiView hosted a webinar series for remote employees in Europe. These sessions proved useful for the Europeans, many of which spent several years in the Microsoft/Outlook world.

Once the training engagement was complete, a post-assessment survey revealed nearly all employees felt more confident working in G Suite, compared to the pre-training survey. With G Suite, NuGEN has reliable cloud-based productivity suite which serves as a foundation for implementing other cloud based services. With a robust collection of APIs, NuGEN will be able to easily connect G Suite to other cloud services, either through pre-built connectors or custom development. Overtime, as G Suite rolls out new features, HiView Trainers will be available to ensure employees have the right knowledge to be effective at work.