Change Management Overview


Change Management Framework

By Narjit Patel, Enterprise Change Management Lead

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Chances are that you’ve heard it before — unless you use a well-structured Change Management approach, implementing new workplace technology (like G Suite or Salesforce) won’t be well received by your employees. This causes employee frustration, reduces productivity, and offsets the intended benefits of any new technology. So, what is Change Management, and what should you expect from working with professional change managers?

My name is Narjit Patel and I’ve been living and breathing change management for the past 12 years. I’ve seen large enterprises try to implement applications with little to no success, and I’ve seen small companies try to employ the “learn on the job” technique, whereby little to no support is provided to employees. Change is tough, and more often than not, people don’t like to change. 

So, you’ve spent millions on an application and now you want to reap the rewards. However, without properly bringing your employees on a Change journey, you’re likely to fail. Change Management isn’t a set approach nor is it a step-by-step process resulting in a happy workforce. It requires assessing and understanding the impact the change will have on users and their processes. Then, a unique approach is designed (specifically your company and culture) in order to support users now and in the future, minimizing business disruption. In many ways it’s intangible and challenging to measure, and therefore overlooked and seen simply as a “nice to have”.

At HiView, we learn about your organization, and its culture, people, and roles in order to understand the impact of new technology on your business. Only then, we design a strategy tailored to your needs — that’s why our company mission is all about “Cultivating a People Centric approach to Workplace Technology”.



We’ll work with those in your organization who best understand the workforce’s demographics, culture, and impact.



Using our depth of Change Management experience, technical know-how, and your guidance, we’ll design a strategy to engage your audience, winning both their hearts and minds.



Using our robust set of templates and tools, we’ll implement the strategy while challenging ourselves to be better each time.


Post Delivery Review

We are constantly growing and learning and will work with you to show the qualitative results of delivery, conduct a joint retrospective, and agree on next steps or future actions because there's never an end to Change.