G Suite Change Management

Change Management Adoption Curve.png

Although many people use a personal G Suite account, applying it in the workplace can be a shock, and at times challenging. A structured Change Management approach is required to ensure that your bottom line is not harmed by the implementation of a new technology. A structured Change Management approach addresses employee frustration and productivity concerns, ultimately helping clients realize the benefits of using G Suite. 

But what is Change Management, and what should you expect from working with professional change managers? 

We’ve learned from large scale enterprises and small companies alike try to employ a “learn on the job” technique with little to no support for users. Change is tough, and more often than not, it is met with resistance. 


So, you’ve spent millions on an application and now you want to reap the rewards. However, without properly bringing your employees  along the change journey, you’re far more likely to fail. 


Change Management doesn’t entail a single static  process producing a happy workforce. It requires assessing and understanding the impact the change will have on users and their business processes. Then, jointly designing a unique (tailored to your company and culture) approach to Communications, Engagement, and Training in order to support users while minimizing the adverse impact to the business. In many ways it’s intangible, challenging to measure and therefore overlooked and seen as a “nice to have” rather than required.


Here at HiView, we’ve successfully implemented G Suite in small, medium and large scale enterprises across the United States in a variety of sectors and industries focusing on a tailored Change Management approach. Building on the recommended Google approach we learn about your organization, the culture, people, roles and understand the impact of new technology on your business. Only then, we design a strategy tailored to your needs that fits your budget — that’s why our company mission is all about “Cultivating a People Centric approach to Workplace Technology”.

What can you expect from HiView Change Management?

Organization Analysis - We’ll work with those in your organization that best understand the workforce demographics and culture, as well as assess the impact G Suite, will have to business processes.

Design - Once we’ve evaluated the impact using our depth of Change Management experience, technical know-how, and your guidance, we’ll design a strategy to engage your audience to win both their hearts and minds in order to fully adopt G Suite as the new platform.

Implementation - Building on Google’s recommended implementation approach and by using our robust set of templates and tools, we’ll implement the design while challenging ourselves to be better each time.

Post-Go-Live- We’ll assess open tickets and work with you during hyper care to resolve open items. We’ll ensure at this point your business is as minimally impacted by the switch to G Suite as possible. We’ll conduct a project close to mark the end of delivery and handover to post-go-live aftercare if selected/required.