Transition over 1K users from Rackspace to G Suite in the real-estate market across 8 domains.

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Schmidt Family of Companies (SFC), a leading real-estate brokerage, selected G Suite to improve agent productivity and to cut costs by moving away from a legacy managed service provider. To ensure a smooth transition for their organization, SFC management selected HiView Solutions as their Preferred Google Partner.

The Challenge:

For real estate firms, agents are viewed as “customers” of the corporate teams, so special attention is paid to anything impacting agents. Many agents have been working in the same way for several years, so changing is more challenging, and the need to quickly react and be flexible is key for launching G Suite. From the technical side,  migration was conducted from a Rackspace environment managed through a third party supplier, which adds additional complexity to the project.

The Approach:

Schmidt Family of Companies made a decision to deploy G Suite in the highly recommended 3 phases approach; the core project team, Google Guides (leveraging the agent office support staff as enables of the Change) then the remaining company. This allowed HiView and Schmidt Family of Companies to identify possible issues and concerns with the full roll-out. New password resets had to be carried out for all users and co-ordinated with the third party supplier to ensure business processes weren’t impacted.  

The results:

  • 1021 users successfully migrated to Google G Suite

  • 9 Domain ownership transitioned

  • In-house simple maintenance of Google G Suite compared to high costs through third party supplier

  • Additional functionality allowing agents to be more effective, from any device, anywhere.

“The move to G Suite would not have been possible without HiView. Their professionalism and organization is second to none. They managed expectations and ensured a smooth rollout for 1700 employees. The amount of communication from the entire team made this migration possible. I would highly recommend working with them.”

(Carrie Skomp, VP of Operations, Schmidt Family of Companies)

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About Schmidt Family of Companies

A four generation, 91 year old real estate brokerage that is growing rapidly as a result of our commitment to quality service to our buyer and seller clients. Providing the finest industry resources to our professional REALTORS® and enabling them to attain the highest sales goals is our highest priority.

Industry: Real-Estate

Location: Florida, Ohio, Michigan


  • G Suite

  • Chrome Enterprise

  • Chromebox for Meetings