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An intranet, enterprise social network, and collaboration platform to engage, inform and connect your global workforce

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For Internal Comms

Engage employees across all generations, departments and locations to unify your workforce. Co-create authentic content, offer an open stage for discussion and ideas, and make sure your updates are read - while giving a tailored and personal experience that is designed to keep your colleagues focusing only on what they need to.

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For IT teams

Bring more value from your existing productivity tools by offering a perfectly integrated digital workplace with high adoption rates. Put intranet content in the hands of the creators with an easy-to-use page editor, and banish shadow communications with an open, accessible and secure communication channel.

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For managers

Allow your employees to share ideas, innovate, and connect through a unique digital workplace platform. Bring all departments together to collaborate, share knowledge and do work without needing to open another tab. Give a flawless digital employee experience to retain talent and boost motivation and productivity.

HiView Services for Happeo

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