Out of Microsoft Office

You’ve moved to G Suite and now you are looking to make the next big leap: leaving Microsoft Office. You are looking to evaluate the potential savings of moving to G Suite, or you want to transition to using one platform for all business needs. Although this is possible for many business processes, for some, it may not be. MS Office applications are ingrained into many business operations, making it challenging to unweave the two. At HiView, we have established a methodology that works to reduce MS licenses by 80%.

The first task is to understand the goal; although you may want to strive for 100% reduction in MS Office licenses, it is important to be realistic and first aim for a majority. A 75% or 80% reduction may be an appropriate goal, understanding the cost-benefit ratio, especially as relates to productivity gains. This is where HiView comes in— we can help establish how to evaluate your needs and constraints and the ideal options based on your environment and license type.


1. Identify the easy wins — There are always some users in an organization who have a greater tendency to welcome change, and if given a choice (and perhaps rewarded) to embrace change, are more willing to take the leap away from MS Office. Conduct a survey or questionnaire to understand team/user needs, and first focus on these more open adopters. Here, you can aim for at least 20-25% of the organization’s workforce.

2. What is and isn’t a show-stopper — The next step is to conduct working sessions/interviews to understand if there are necessary workarounds to current business processes, and whether these are resolvable. Transformation Labs offer a unique way to get users in the right space to focus on deployment challenges.

3. Transformation Mapping — Through various stakeholder meetings, you can identify the easy wins, the groups that can have MS Office removed but might require more information and/or incentives, and the individuals (if any) who cannot make the switch.

In addition to the main steps of the process, companies that have previously used Google Guides/Gurus or have similar Change Networks within the organization will find it easier to communicate the change. Also, additional training on tools specific to business processes where possible (or meaningful examples) will help more members of the organization make the move to G Suite. HiView will help determine the right deployment plan for your organization.

The key takeaway is that not everyone is immediately eager to move, but that’s not to say they are unable to. Through thoughtful Change Management and business re-engineering, HiView can help facilitate this work and making a lasting difference for your company; if you are willing to take the leap, we’ll ensure that you do so successfully.